I'm a small town Metro Boston photographer, designer, and creator with big dreams. I'm in to: fashion, puppies, and all the girly things. Read on for the rest!

Most days you'll find me at home in my pajamas doing some sort of creative project--or rolling around on the floor playing with my animals. I'm a hopeless romantic, a Gemini, and a DIY enthusiast, always dabbling in a new project. I love petting people's dogs, eating ice cream and day dream of being a mermaid.

"Life is short. I believe in taking adventures, keeping it real, and singing in the shower."

My photography style? It's vibrant, fun, and creative. Yes, we will laugh. Yes, I will probably make a fool of myself. Yes, you will feel like a rockstar on the inside and out. My photography style isn't about just getting a great yearbook picture, it's about the experience you get to cherish for a lifetime. 

Years from now, I want you to look at your senior photos and have all the memories from high school come flooding back. I want you to remember your cheerleading competition, winning homecoming queen, countless hours of band practice, after school study sessions, and all the other things that helped shape the person you will become. I'm in this to tell stories. To tell YOUR story.



My Babies: